Origin of the Ottomans


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Origin of the Ottomans

The most important and undisputedly objective evidence of the Scythians was left by the great geographer-mathematician and geographer Claudius Ptolemy, who worked in Alexandria between 127 and 148 AD. To these fundamental data, we will add some information from DNA Genealogy, Genealogy and Paleo linguistics.

For the so-called “European Sarmatian” Ptolemy creates a list of 41 coordinates, including 22 cities and 61 ethnologists. Some of the ethnonyms are toponymy-related exonyms: Carpiani, Tanaites, Tansmontani, Tauroscythae, Tyrangitae, etc.

There is no evidence that Dulo Clan had ever used the IYI. This has nothing to do with the conversion of the ore and the ogus, because there is no difference between them, except the main rotation between the H and P in the east-west direction, which is also visible under their names.

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Stoyan Dinkov is a Bulgarian writer and historian. He is the author of seven books. Among them is the famous “Ottoman-Roman Empire, Bulgarians and Turks”. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

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